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Meet the Innersight Advocates

Get to know the Innersight advocates

Innersight is made up of a group of caring individuals dealing with disabilities on a daily basis. Some of our members have disabilities themselves or are involved in the lives of others with disabilities. Here’s your chance to get to know them a little better.


Visually impaired advocate for blind and partially sighted Individuals. Frank has been blind all his life and has successfully trained dozens of dogs for the disabled. Frank is the Executive Director of Innersight and host of Innersight television show.

Joseph Assistant Director of Innersight and director of transportation advocacy. Joe is partially sighted and good with the telephone. Joe helps direct the Innersight television show.

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Unknown/Rare Diseases Advocate. Suzanne co-directors our television show and types out the graphics for each show. She is also the co-host for the radio show on from Monday to Friday. Suzanne uses a wheelchair, visually impaired, hearing impaired and oxygen dependent.


Head Injury Advocate. Nina became disabled when she was a victim of a crime. Nina has been featured in Newsday.


Director of Autism Advocacy. Innersight is proud of Maria’s efforts to raise money for her autistic daughter and keeping her out of the institution. Maria has her own television show on public access and a live radio show.



Hearing Impaired Advocate. Lees is an excellent lips reader and partially deaf. Lees enjoys talking on Relay.


Epilepsy Advocate. Sarah has overcome a lot of challenges with her disability and is a big cat lover.


Housing Advocate. Maria’s disability is dwarfism. She has extensive knowledge of housing for the disabled.




End of Life Advocate. Eva’s mother June started independent living in Suffolk County. Eva is well versed in people’s rights regarding hospitals.


Etiquette Advocate. Regina uses a wheelchair and is well versed in how people should treat others, particularly disabled people. Regina believes that people should "Treat Us the way you want to be Treated"


Systems Advocate. Robin helps disabled people and their advocates understand and work the system when they need help. Robin is in a wheelchair and has Lou Gehrig's Disease. She is excellent with service dogs.


Wheelchair Advocate. Anthony is an expert in Section 8 housing for the disabled. Anthony uses a wheelchair and was born with his disability.


Learning Disabled Advocate from North Carolina. Katherine is a caring individual that is now able to help others through Innersight.


Innersight is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advocacy for the disabled. If you would like to find out more about Innersight and our mission, or would like to donate to our organization, please contact us today by email at Join us in our cause to offer help for the disabled and make a difference in your local community. You may also tune into our radio show 7 nights a week from 9:00pm – 10:00pm or watch our TV show on Monday nights.

  Frank Perino, who is a blind service dog trainer, adopts a condemned Akita and trains her to be a guide dog.   Share this:


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Promote your business!
Innersight is currently in need of one or more benefactors to support costs for our website. Help us continue to serve the community and reap the benefits of cross promotion! If you assist Innersight with a minimum of $300, we will advertise your business on our website, our Facebook page, our nightly radio show, and our television program! We will even give you a copy of the video so that you may use it for your own advertising.

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