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Service Dog petition and "A Day for Milton"

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Milton, a three-year-old Black Labrador guide dog who assisted a deaf-blind woman died last summer. A Day for Milton is planned for May 19th at the Bellport Brewery Hall, 14 Station Road, Bellport, NY from 11am to 2pm. A Day for Milton is a Disability Awareness event and free to the public. For more information, one may call 631-224-3090


Nursing Home Petition


Innersight — A Nonprofit Organization in Sayville , New York

Located in Sayville, New York, Innersight is a nonprofit organization committed to providing advocacy for the disabled, both locally and globally. We are owned and operated by a group of motivated disabled individuals, and have been making changes in the community and supporting disabled individuals since 1986. Innersight was founded on the belief that the disabled deserve to enjoy all that the world has to offer, from simple everyday activities, such as visiting a coffee shop, to physically demanding sports. Innersight’s ultimate hope and goal is to make everything and everywhere accessible to those who are disabled, no matter what the disability.


Advocate Work for the Disabled


Innersight has gone above and beyond to help disabled individuals do everything from finding jobs to assisting with finances and grocery bills. Our goal is to improve life for all disabled individuals through adaptive measures, such as advocating for the installation of talking traffic lights, prescription bottles labeled with Braille and large print, and wheelchair accessible sidewalks. Innersight’s advocate work is an ongoing process and our determination demands that we continue advocating until real progress is apparent.


An Exciting Update


Thanks to the help of Innersight’s television program, the local and national news, Frank Perino, and the board of elections, we now have election boothst for the visually impaired! This success is just one of the steps taken to a friendly world for disabled individuals. Innersight is also pleased to announce that we have begun training service dogs for the disabled and are ready to assist any disabled person who would like to train their own dog.


Make Some Noise


It's an emergency when a disabled individual cannot access a traffic light and there are numerous rules in the way of our safety. Please call, email, or write the governor to get rid of these prejudice rules so accessible pedestrian signals can be installed wherever disabled individuals need to cross.


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The seeing eye originally started with a blind trainer and a stray dog. However, if you are blind and train your guide dog on your own they block the guide dog

from essential medical care that you are supposed to get.


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